During my experiences in the music business, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting, setting up, planning & organizing events ranging from big, over the top parties to small & intimate affairs. Because of this experience, I’ve learned about what it really takes to be the best at what you do and to take note of every detail because that’s what really separates your work from anybody else. Not only that, the details are what most people talk about…even days after the event.

I started my business because I saw that there was a real lack of customer service & attention to detail, namely partie linens. Too many times I’ve seen where linens have been delivered (at an outrageous charge) & left for the event planner or family member(s) to set up for the event. Or you are expected to pick up your rented linens, only to find that the linens come in trash sacks, wrinkled (of course) & sometimes not washed from a previous event the day before. Or they might be delivered to you in boxes, wrapped & folded in tiny bags with deep creases and no means or time to be able to steam them to perfection before the event.

That’s not my philosophy or business acumen.

It is my job to make sure that your linens and draping look as perfect & special as you imagined it.That’s why I conduct a consultation session with you to go over color & texture details of your event and map out the specifics for each table & chair design. If you require something a bit more than the standard partie linens, then look no further !!

When you need quality, elegant partie linens for your event, know that Life of the Partie should be your only call. Not only are my costs competitive, but they include delivery, set up/steaming, and tear down…at no extra costs if you live in the Odessa/Midland area.


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