Do you ever wonder if you’re the only person going through bridal insanity ? Or is it just something that will pass once “everything’s done ?”

As a bride planning you’re big day, you want it to be perfect and special. And to finally have your “princess moment.” Well, of course you do !!! However, sometimes that one thing that would make the entire day perfect goes horribly wrong and you’re left with that feeling of panic. anger, and all of a sudden you break into uncontrollable hysterics and then the tears start to fall. Never fear…you’re not the only one who has had or will have that moment.

This page is dedicated to those brides that have had their perfect moment compromised or ruined by the one thing that they looked forward to the most. These are a collection of interview I’ve done and the stories from other brides who had a not-so-perfect-wedding day and why it wasn’t “perfect.”

The best part is that I offer tips on how to avoid certain situations before they become wedding day problems. And how to ask the right questions and what warning signs to look for when dealing with a vendor.

Enjoy !!!!