Who would’ve ever thought that fashion influences the world of table linens ? We don’t realize it, but fashion can help us open our minds when it comes to many of things, including decorating our homes and our own parties. Let’s take a look at the easiest example. Most formal gowns have something different that makes each one unique & noticeable. The dress below shows a fabric pattern of a raised flower (rose) outlined in the pattern itself.

Not only does the pattern catch your eye, it helps to create a feminine, elegant look that makes a definite fashion statement. Notice that the pattern is not too overbearing, but just enough to stand apart from other dresses. And the soft pink color helps to keep the pattern from being too “much.” Add a darker, brighter pink sash with a rose accent the same size as the dress’ rose ribbons and you’ve definitely created a style of your own.Now, let’s take a look at examples of the same flower pattern, but in a situation with home decor.

This plum rosette throw pillow not only adds color to this peacock themed decor, but it adds much needed texture to a somewhat flat color scheme. Not only that, the throw pillow adds a touch of femininity without being too girly and the chocolate sueded couch adds a bit of earthiness so that the rich colors of the plum, teal and blue add “pop” to the decor of the couch. This is a great example of how fashion’s influence can add just enough accent to make a statement.

This next example is definitely more for the feminine themed decor.

White lampshade w/rosette accent border

This cute Rosette Hayworth Lamp from Pier 1 Imports is a great example how fashion can influence even a small fragment of decor. The rosettes are merely an accent edge around the lamp that gives it just enough texture to add to the decor of a room and not seem as if you might be going a bit too far with it. And the softer ivory roses are a delicate touch without seeming too obvious that it’s lending itself to be more feminine in decor style. : )

Now, all this talk about decor would not be complete without showing an example of how table linens are also affected by fashion.

Clearly this beautiful satin rosette tablecloth shown here in a warm, dark silver is the epitome of clean style with a feminine twist. Obviously, this elegant design sets itself apart from all other designs and makes a bold statement instead of just lying flat on the table. This tablecloth not only provides color to the table, but it provides the texture necessary to create a certain look and feel to the event, as well as the room itself. This is increasingly becoming a popular product and shows promise by moving in a “classy” direction, utilizing warmer tones of the color wheel, instead of trying to trivialize the design by saturating colors such as lime, fuchsia, and sometimes purple. Clean, simple design is often better than going over the top…it’s stated and it’s just the right touch of class !

Funny how this went from a simple, but elegant formal dress to a rosette pillow, rosette bordered lampshade and now a tablecloth. Who would’ve ever thought that a dress could have such an effect on what someone places on their table ?! Sometimes, all it takes is opening your eyes to the world around you and realizing that everything is influenced and connected by each other.

When one person’s idea of fashion meets up with another person’s idea of fashion, you would be surprised at how similar they are and how there is a common “thread” that will always run between them…this is, for me, where fashion meets partie linens.


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